Thalassemic children have the same aspirations as any other child. All they want to do is, play with their friends, go to school and dream to be someone special when they grow up. But what hinders their innocent goals is the fact that they are surrounded by needles when other children are surrounded by books and toys.

Nature may have denied them what is rightfully theirs, but it is the lack of resources required for frequent blood transfusions and a dearth of quality blood that add to their misery.

What is Thalassemia?

Thalassemia is a type of anemia that is passed on genetically. It can be of two types, namely, Thalassemia Minor and Thalassemia Major.

Thalassemia Minor : persons usually have very mild anemia with no obvious symptoms.

Thalassemia Major: symptoms are revealed early with paleness and an enlarged spleen or liver. In India, approximately ten thousand children are born with thalassemia major every year.

Jankalyan’s Blood Bank’s Contribution –

  1. Free Blood to Thalassamia Patients
    At the moment, the only practical solution for survival of children with thalassemia major is multiple and frequent blood transfusion throughout life. Such a child needs one unit of blood every two to three months. This requirement goes up to two units of blood every three to four weeks. Jankalyan Blood  Bank gives blood free of cost to all thalassemic children. In year (2012) Jankalyan Blood bank has given around 1177 blood units free of cost to these thalassemic children.No single thalassemic child let it be referred from any hospital,or bood bank goes without a blood unit from Jankalyan.
  2. Recreational Programs for Thalassamic Children
    As a moral duty, Blood Bank conducts amusement programs like Picnics, Magic Shows, Parties for the Thalassamia Children regularly.
  3. Create awareness
    The best way to lower the incidence of thalassemia is to increase awareness about the disease.
    Jankalyan Blood Bank organises lectures about the Thalassamia in the various walks of the society, preferably in Collages, Industries, IT companies, Marriage Bureaus etc.
  4. Thalassamia Screening
    To avoid the birth of thallassamia child and also to overcome the further harassment of the family is the main objective of this project.
    For that, Jankalyan Blood Bank has purchased equipment, HB Electrophoresis to perform the screening test of thallassamia.
    We have also decided to keep service charges for this test bare minimal so as to recover the recurring expenses only.
  5. Counselling of Thalassamia Carriers
    Blood Bank also counsels the persons who are detected as Thalassamia Carriers within the screening test.