Our Support to the Needdy

Our Policy

“Not a single needy patient should be deprived of blood from Jankalyan Blood Bank due to financial problem.”


  1. Concessions to Thallesamia Patients
    Thallasemia is a hereditary disease. Haemoglobin which is critical component of blood is not produced by Red blood cells in affected patients. Haemoglobin is carrier of oxygen which is vital for survival to various body parts. Resultantly person gets anaemic. Patients suffering from it have to undergo blood transfusion. We are providing blood totally at free of cost since 1996.
    For these patients, around 1000 to 1200 blood units per annum are given free of cost.
    In financial year 2012-13 concessions of Rs. 10,47,700 are given to the thallesamic patients
  2. Concessions for Cancer and Dialysis Patients
    50 to 100 % concessions are given for the patients having critical diseases like blood cancer and dialysis patients.
    In financial year 2012-13 concessions of Rs. 2,54,310 are given to such patients.
  3. Concessions for Poor & Needy Patients
    BPL card holders always get 100% concession as well as the patients from lower income strata from the society also gets the concessions of 50% to 100%.
    Concessions of Rs. 9,02,630 are given for poor & needy patients in financial year 2012 -13.
  4. In Addition
    Further concessions are given to poor and needy patients coming from Sasoon Hospital, Bharati Hospital, Hospital managed by P.M.C. & Khadki Cantonment board and also Y.C.M.H. Hospital.
  5. Blood Donor Concession
    Every Voluntary donor is given a concession card & if he/she needs blood for himself/herself up to one year from the donation, he gets a blood bag totally free of cost and donor’s family members get concession of Rs. 100/- in the service charges for that year.