NAT Tested Blood – The Safest Blood

A major concern regarding the transfusion of blood & blood components is the potential threat for transmission of viral infections, particularly with HIV type 1 & type 2, Hepatitis C & Hepatitis B virus. These diseases occur due to transfusion of contaminated blood and blood components. These diseases are called Transfusion Transmitted Infections.
Currently there are 25 lakhs HIV infected, 430 lakhs Hep. B infected and 150 lakhs Hep.C Infected people in Indian population. This number gives us an alarming signal & urgent need to work towards patient’s safety by opting more modern, sensitive & safer testing methodology.
Presently, this TTI testing is done by ELISA method in India. After virus entry in the body natural immunity develops antibodies to fight against this virus. Body takes few days to few weeks to develop these antibodies. This period changes according to the type of virus. This period is called as ‘Window Period.’ ELISA tests these antibodies from the type of which that particular virus can be notified. Comparatively by NAT testing directly genetic material (DNA/RNA) of the virus is detected. Thus there is considerable reduction in the window period of all viruses. Comparative study on the basis of Window Period by NAT & ELISA shows following conclusions :

Test Method
Window Period  ELISA
Window Period  NAT
25 days
5 days
Hepatitis B
60 days
20 days
Hepatitis C
75 days
5 to 7 days

From the above conclusions, it is very clear that these infections can be detected in very less amount of time and also with more sensitivity. Thus blood & blood products are manifold safer than tested by ELISA method. NAT testing is the safest available technology for TTI testing worldwide. Additionally being fully automated, manmade errors are minimal and avoidable.

Considering such a high level of safety of blood to maintain specificity and sensitivity of this testing & reagents and to maintain the quality & standard of high tech machinery one has to pay little extra service charges for the NAT tested blood and blood products. But these services are undoubtedly much lesser as compared to the cost to be paid for the treatment & medicines if these ‘transfusion transmitted diseases’ occur.

Thus Become Aware. Now Always ask for NAT tested Blood.