Host a blood donation camp

If you are planning to organize a Blood Donation Camp at your location, Jankalyan Blood Bank is always with you in all kinds. These are the details for preparation of a blood donation camp –

Blood Bank will arrange trained team which includes medical officer, nurse, trained technicians, attendants and driver for safe and pleasant blood donation camp. We will bring necessary equipments and camp material in appropriate quantity which includes beds / couches for blood donation. numbers of cots required for blood donation.

What donor will get:

  • One card with his/her blood group
  • Appreciation certificate.
  • Concession coupon valid for one year after the date of blood donation.
    (Donor will get 100 % concession) i.e. one bag free and relatives / friends may get concession of Rs.100 on one unit only as against one donation.
  • Donor also can get his/her report of TTI (transfusion transmitted infections) testing i.e. HIV, Hepatitis, Malaria, Syphilis etc. after 15 days of donation.

As a token of social bond developed between camp organizer and blood bank we give certificate and memento to camp organizer.

We expect following arrangements to be done by camp organizer for smooth conduction of blood donation camp.

  • Blood Donation camp must be arranged in close, constructed hall with either tiles or coba on the floor.
  • Camp area should be dirt free and hygienic.
  • Hall should be provided with good light , ventilation and air cooling system. (fans , cooler or A/C)
  • Proper place for hand washing and drinking water separately.
  • At least two moderate size carpets.
  • There should be an uninterrupted electricity supply to the hall.
  • Washroom facility for blood bank staff is also recommended.
Tables Required
Registration 1
HB % & Blood grouping 1
Labeling bags 1
For refreshments 1
To write certificates 1
Near donation area 1
Total 6
Chairs 20
Dust bins 2

General Arrangement of Blood Donation Camp