Government Recognition to JKRP

  • Public charitable trust is running the blood bank to serve society since 1983 with motto of providing safe blood to needy patients at affordable rates and free to poor patients. Resultantly it has on its own merits earned reputation as a reliable and dependable blood bank.
  • JKRP has received accolade of society as well of Central Govt.
  • It also acts as Nodal blood bank for Janakalyan chain of blood banks.


  • National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) has recognized JKRP as major blood bank with blood component separation unit. NACO has sponsored all the equipments required for establishing blood components separation laboratory.
  • State Blood Transfusion Council of Maharashtra has given recognition as Regional Blood Transfusion Centre.
  • Food and Drugs Administration / Central Standard Control Organization has issued licence for running blood bank through Drug Controller General of India.