First NAT Lab in Pune

  • On 29th June 2013 Jankalyan Raktapedhi has achieved a milestone in providing safe blood.
  • We inaugurated fully automated, most advanced & safe NAT (Nucleic Acid Test) testing laboratory at our blood centre.
  • NAT is the safest available technology for TTI (Transfusion Transmitted Infections like HIV, Hepatitis B, C) testing worldwide.
  • Being fully automated, manmade errors are practically avoided.
  • In all developed countries donors are screened by NAT mandatorily.
  • After this NAT testing is made mandatory in these countries not a single patient of transfusion transmitted disease observed till today.
  • This is the very first fully automated NAT technology in Western Maharashtra Zone and the machinery at Jankalyan is made in Switzerland.
  • This technology is US FDA approved.