Donate Money

You can always become a part of Jankalyan by donating money. It will be very helpful to heap this organization going ahead strongly. It is also a good way to participate in the social activities of blood bank, if you are unable to donate blood due to health reasons.
As we are committed to provide blood & blood products to the every patient walks to us, irrespective of his financial status, we usually give a lot of concessions to the poor & needy patients. It is possible to maintain this flow of charity for a long term only if the society will contribute for the society through us.
Therefore on behalf of non affording class of our society we humbly appeal to all of you to contribute your share for this noble cause. Your smaller share can also be a life savior.
You may assist us through the following schemes –


  • A project “BAL SANJEEVANI” (Life saviour for Children) is in pipe line which may enable us to provide concessional blood pouches to children below the age of 12.
  • We contemplate your active monetary assistance for the deserving children to make the venture successful.
  • A senior citizen from Pune Shri. B.M.Apte has donated Rs.1,50,000 as a basic fund for this scheme.
  • It is proposed to strengthen this fund by adding more contribution in it and to provide the concessions to the pediatric patients with the help of interest amount which will be credited upon this fund.
  • Obviously it is very much essential to grow this basic fund to fulfill every pediatric demand with required concession.
  • To participate for this noble cause you are requested to share at least Rs. 1000.
  • Please deposit your cheques at any branch of “Janata Sahakari Bank” in Account No. 2201/84786 in the name of “Jankalyan Raktapedhi, Pune.”
  • You are also requested to write your name, address and contact details on ‘Pay In’ slip to get the receipt of this donation in a shorter period.


  • We have appealed to some individuals or groups to contribute on recurring basis towards “Jeevan Data”project to enable us to provide concessional services for the longest period.
  • You may also become “Jeevan Data” (Life Saviour) for poor /deserving by contributing to the fund on various occasions as birthday anniversaries etc. for the noble cause.
  • Will you commit to pay your specific contribution every year to blood bank to be a “Jeevan Data” for many needy people?
  • You will not contribute money only, but you will gift “life” to someone indeed.
  • So please, initiate and make initiate others also.

For these donations you can get the income tax exemption under Act 80 G
Registration number to accept foreign contribution : 083930273
For any other details Please Contact :
Mahendra 7350002460 : Dr. Ashutosh 9860225410