Courier Service

  • This service is a Boon for patient.
  • Patient from any hospital of Pune, can get door step blood service with the help of courier facility.
  • To provide this service a team is appointed which works 24 hours and 7 days.
  1. Mr. Swapnil Yenpure
    • He is a Commerce Graduate.
    • He co ordinates the courier service as well as keeps rapport with hospital staff.
  2. Mr. Ramesh Jaywant Ranpise
  3. Mr. Parag Dinesh More
  4. Mr. Naresh S. Deshmukh
  5. Mr. Manoj Thorat
  6. Mr. Vijay Anand Gaikwad
  7. Mr. Satish Vishvamitra


  • Drivers always on the wheels..
  • On time Transportation plays crucial role in Blood Bank activities.
  • It is very well taken care by these people.
  1. Ganesh Bapu Polake
  2. Ramchandra Kshirsagar
  3. Hirachand D. Mujumale


  • Very dedicated and hard worker team of attendants of blood bank since long time.
  • Mainly involved in camp preparation, assisting various activities of the camp.
  • In blood bank they are mainly involved in housekeeping activities.
    This team is –
  1. Mrs. Sunanda Pawar
  2. Mrs. Shantabai Thite
  3. Mrs. Leelabai Deshmukh
  4. Mrs. Sangeeta Dalvi
  5. Smt. Surekha Wakankar
  6. Smt. Shaila Borade
  7. Mrs. Jayshree Bhosale
  8. Mrs. Kalyani Konde