Courier Service

For your convenience to get the blood, you can use our courier service.
Within this service –

  • By just your phone call, our courier person will come to the Hospital to collect the requisition form along with the blood sample.
  • With the given sample and form, he will come to blood bank and submit the sample & form to the blood bank laboratory to reserve it in the name of your patient.
  • When the blood is needed and that will be told by your consultant from Hospital our courier person will issue the reserved bags up to the patient’s bed.
  • While transporting the blood & blood components, to maintain the cold chain of blood, is the responsibility of our courier person.
  • You will have to pay the –
    1. Reservation & cross matching charges while submitting the requisition form with sample.
    2. Rest service charges of blood components are to be paid while issuing the blood.
    3. For this courier service, a very reasonable courier charge will be charged along with blood service charges.
  • You will have to pay these charges either directly to the courier person in cash or it will be paid by Hospital directly as per the Hospital policy.
  • You will get the receipt on the spot.








For Courier Service Please Contact :
020-24449527, 24444502
Mob. 7350002460, 9552655289