Blood Components

In Jankalyan Blood Bank, through well equipped Component separation laboratory more than 75% collected blood gets separated into more than 40,000 components.

Blood Components prepared

  1. Packed RBC
  2. Random Donor Platelet(RDP)
  3. Fresh Frozen Plasma
  4. Cryoprecipitate
  5. Single Donor Platelets (SDP)

JKRP has established ‘Apheresis Laboratory’ with COM.TECH CELL SEPARATOR (Frescinious Kabi, Germany). This machine gives appropriate yield of platelets i.e. greater than “3 X 1011 Platelets/Pouch.” It is observed that the yield of one SDP is equivalent to 6 to 8 RDPs. Also we have validated the procedure for leucoreduction, it is observed that WBC contamination is at acceptable range, so it can be considered as ‘Leucodeplited Component.’
As Jankalyan Blood Bank is committed for blood collection only from Voluntary Blood Donors, to avoid the panicky situations of patient’s relatives regarding need of replacement donor, we have created a group of voluntary blood donors who can donate platelets whenever needed.
Obviously to arrange the SDP donors will be the responsibility of Janakalyan Blood Bank.
Also the service charges kept bare minimal so as to recover the expenses.

Blood Components – An Overview

Sr. No.
Storage Temp. (0C)
Requirement Circumstances
Whole Blood
2 to 6
35 days
Trauma, Large quantity blood loss
Packed Red Cells
2 to 6
42 days
Anemia, Decreased Hemoglobin
Fresh Frozen Plasma
-30 to -40
1 year
Burns, Bleeding
22 to 24
5 days
-30 to -40
1 year
Clotting Factor Deficiency